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June 2011 - The Agence de l'efficacité énergétique du Québec has launched a new website beautifully illustrated and animated, which explains, videos support, how to save dollars and fuel simply by driving habits.

We learn for example, that leaving 3 to 6 seconds of play between two cars traveling, saves fuel. Indeed, anticipating the maneuvers of our neighbor, possible with the distance and time to react slowly, avoid the need to brake or accelerate. One stop per mile, at a speed of 50 km/h, increases consumption by almost 60%!

Small gestures for the Planet, large savings for the wallet!

Get many more tips:

The Clear the Air program would be recommended by no less than 98% of participants! Moreover, it’s in Quebec that the car recycling program reaches the best satisfaction score in Canada.  According to an Environics poll made in December 2010, 98 % of participants would recommend the Clear the air program to their friends and family. 94 % of participants are very satisfied with services and rewards offered in Quebec.
Go for it yourself! First make sure you are eligible, than choose rewards and sign up!

CBC-French learned that Quebec will soon adopt measures to reduce car pollution.

In its next budget to be tabled March 17th budget, the Finance Minister will take over from Ottawa’s vehicle recycling program Retire your ride, which comes to an end on March 31th. Quebec’s government also has the intention to make car inspection an obligation.

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From September 20th to 24th , don’t miss conferences and stands, presented by the Agence Metropolitaine de transports (AMT) and his partners. Activities are taking place at the Complexe Desjardins in Montreal. Clear the air! will have a stand where you can go and ask all your questions.

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