/ June 2, 2010

Montréal, June 02, 2010 –  The Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA) and its Clear the Air!/Retire Your Ride program partners are taking this opportunity, on Clean Air Day, to thank the 20,000 Quebecers who have recycled their older vehicles over the past year. Their efforts have made enormous environmental gains possible, and Quebecers in all regions are now breathing easier.

Equivalent of 380,000 fewer vehicles on the road
Environment Canada findings indicate that 1995 model year and older vehicles generate 19 times more air pollution than do 2004 and newer models. Retiring 20,000 automobiles with a 1995 or earlier model year is equivalent to taking 380,000 more recently built (2004 or later) cars off the road (assuming mileage is equal).  Read more.